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"Discover the Perfect Pairing: Explore Jazz Subgenres and Carménère Wines from Chile with Dre's Week

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Are you looking for some fun and engaging ways to enjoy music and wine (or coffee) in the comfort of your home? Do you want to learn more about different jazz subgenres and how they pair with Carménère wines from Chile? Do you want to discover new music from around the world and discover what wines go well with them? Do you want to experience the art of deep listening and immerse yourself in the sounds and sensations of good music? If you answered yes to these questions, you would love the weekly vlog radio shows hosted by Dre from Love Music Love Wine!

Dre is a passionate music lover and wine enthusiast who loves to share his knowledge and taste with his online audience. He hosts four different vlog radio shows on Mixcloud, Twitch and Facebook, each with a unique theme and format. Here's a brief overview of each show:


This show explores jazz music's diverse and prosperous world and how it matches Carménère wines from Chile. Carménère is a red wine grape variety that originated in France but is now primarily grown in Chile. It produces wines with a deep color, spicy aromas and smooth tannins. Dre will introduce you to different jazz subgenres, such as bebop, swing, fusion, Latin jazz and more, and explain how they pair with other Carménère wines. You will learn about the history, characteristics and influences of each jazz style and wine variety and enjoy some great tunes and tips. On a rotation cycle, this show is on every 3rd Saturday afternoon from 1pm EST.


This show is about discovering new music from around the globe and what wines go well with them. Dre will play music from different countries, regions and cultures, such as Afrobeat, reggae, salsa, flamenco, indie rock, pop and more, and suggest wines that complement them. You will get to hear some incredible songs and artists you may not have heard before and learn about the origins, meanings and contexts of each music genre and wine style. You will also interact with Dre and other listeners online and share your opinions and preferences. On a rotation cycle, this show is on every 3rd Saturday afternoon from 1pm EST.


This show combines music with coffee worldwide. Dre will brew different types of coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, etc., and play the music that suits them. You will learn more about coffee beans, roasts, methods and flavors and enjoy relaxing and energizing music. Dre will also talk about various topics related to coffee and music, such as the history, culture, health benefits and trends of both. You will also chat with Dre and other listeners online and share your thoughts and experiences. On a rotation cycle, this show is every 3rd Sunday morning from 9am EST.

DEEP Listening:

This show focuses on good music paired with whatever you like. It's more about the music and less about the pairing. Dre will play some of his favorited songs from different genres and eras, such as soul, funk, blues, rock, hip hop, electronic and more, and invite you to listen deeply to them. You will get to appreciate the nuances, details and emotions of each song and connect with your own feelings and sensations. You can pair the music with whatever you want: wine, coffee, tea, water or nothing. The point is to enjoy the music thoroughly and mindfully. This show has no regular schedule; it's more of whenever Dre feels like it.

If you are interested in any of these shows or want to learn more about them, please visit for the latest show and schedule updates. You can also follow Dre on Mixcloud, Twitch and Facebook to watch/listen to the live streams and interact with him online. You can also leave comments, questions and feedback on his website or social media platforms.

Take advantage of this opportunity to join Dre on his weekly vlog radio shows and have fun and educational time with him. Whether you are a music lover, wine lover, or both (or neither), you will find something that appeals to you in his shows. So tune in next time and let Dre take you on a musical journey that will delight your ears and palate.

See you online:

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