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🎉 Get Ready to Groove with LMLW Radio's Epic Jazz and Reggae Weekender! 🎷☕🎶

For Immediate Release (March-26-2024)

🌌 It's a Jazz Thing – An Evening of Jazz and Fine Wine 🍷🎵

When Jazz and Pinot Noir Collide..._

Join us on March 29, 2024, for an exclusive journey through the enchanting world of Jazz. Hosted by the ever-dynamic Dre from LMLW Radio (Love Music Love Wine), EP19-2024 promises a night where melodies and vineyards meet.

🗓️ Date: March 29, 2024  

⏰ Time: 10pm EST until the last note fades  

📍 Where: Your cozy spot at home  

Special Features:

🎷 Music: Soul-stirring Jazz tunes

🍷 Wine Spotlight: A mystery Pinot Noir revealed live

🎙️ Host: Dre, the maestro of jazz and wine symphony

Expect a night of rhythmic bliss and tasteful surprises. Let's toast to music; let's sway to Jazz!_ 🥂✨


🌅 Beans & Beat – Sunday Morning Live with Old School Reggae ☕🎶

Your Sunday Morning, Redefined...

Rise and shine on March 31, 2024, as we kickstart your day with 'Beans & Beats' at E20-2024. Dre is back to infuse your Sunday morning with soulful Old School Reggae rhythms and the rich aromas of Salt Spring Coffee's Dark Roast.

🗓️ Date: March 31, 2024  

⏰ Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm EST  

📍 Location: Your digital sanctuary  

Why You Can't-Miss It:

🎶 Music: Classic beats of Old School Reggae

☕ Coffee Feature: Experience Salt Spring Coffee's signature Dark Roast

🎙️ Host: Dre, your navigator through the rhythms of reggae

Your Sunday mornings will never be the same. Grab your cup, and let's groove to the beats of unity and love! ☀️🎵


🌟 Brought to you by LMLW Radio – Where Every Note is a Fine Sip! 🌟

Share spread the word, and let's make these events go viral! Use the hashtags_ #ItsAJazzThing #LMLWRadio #JazzNight #WineLovers #BeansAndBeats #ReggaeMorning #LoveMusicLoveWine

Join the Movement. Join the Melody. Join Us at LMLW Radio. 🎷🎼☕

RSVP Now (#RSVP) 🥂🎷🎧

📽️ Livestream Links:

For More Information, Contact: 

📱 Socials-Twitter: 

🎵 Let's make this coming weekend unforgettable! 

See You There! 🎉

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