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🎉 Love Music Love Wine Radio Presents Your Ultimate Weekend Shows! 🎉

Love Music Love Wine Radio: Where Melodies Meet Memories 🎶🍷

Hey, Music Lovers and Wine Enthusiasts!

Get ready for a weekend filled with the smoothest jazz, the grooviest beats, and the most delicious pairings. Whether you're a jazz fan, a funk lover, or a coffee connoisseur, we've got something special lined up just for you! Join us and make your weekend unforgettable. 🎵🍷☕


🎷 It’s A Jazz Thing 🎷

Date: Saturday Afternoon, July 06, 2024  

Time: 1:30 - 3:30 pm EST  

Genre: Jazz Music  

Wine: Varietal, Producer, and Vintage will be revealed during the show! 🍷

Join us for an afternoon filled with the smoothest jazz and a surprise wine pairing that will be unveiled live! Take advantage of this perfect blend of music and wine. Let the jazz vibes carry you away! 🎷🍷

Don’t Miss Out! 


🎶☕ Beans and Beats [Funk & Blues Sunday] ☕🎶

Date: Sunday Morning, July 07, 2024  

Time: 9 am - Noon EST  

Genre: Funk & Blues  

Beverage: Salt Spring Dark Roast Beans

Get ready to groove to the soulful sounds of Funk and Blues, perfectly paired with the rich, bold flavours of Salt Spring Dark Roast Beans. Kickstart your Sunday morning with music and coffee to lift your spirits and energize your day. ☕🎶

Spread the Word! Invite your friends, and make this Sunday unforgettable! 🎵☕


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🎉 Upcoming Shows 🎉

GET Funked

Play Music Drink Wine

Beans and Beats

Stay Tuned for more information!


🎷 Montreaux Jazz Festival 2024 🎷

Dates: July 05-20, Geneva, Switzerland  

Check out the MJF for an incredible lineup!


Join us this weekend and be part of the Love Music Love Wine community. Share the joy, share the music, and share the wine. Let's make this weekend legendary together! 🍷🎵☕

Follow us on social media and stay updated:

Let's make waves and create memories. See you online! 🎉🍷🎶


Love Music Love Wine Radio  

Where Music Meets Flavor!

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