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🎉🎷 Love Music Love Wine Radio Presents A Jazz-Filled Weekend! 🎷🍷

Three Shows, Three Days, Endless Jazz: Your Perfect Escape from the Corporate Grind!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a weekend of smooth jazz, exquisite wines, and delightful coffee. Our three-part Jazz Series promises to be the perfect escape from the corporate grind, offering you a chance to unwind, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life. Join us online for an unforgettable experience!


Show One: 🎷 It’s A Jazz Thing [Jazz Series Part 1 of 3] 🎷

🗓 Date: Friday Night, July 12, 2024  

🕗 Time:  8-10 pm EST  

🌐 Location: Online  

🎷 Genre: Jazz Music  

🍷 Featured Wine: Bramosia 2021 Chianti Classico  

After a long week in the corporate rat race, unwind with jazz’s smooth and soulful sounds. Join us for "It’s A Jazz Thing" – the perfect way to spend your Friday night!

Indulge in the rich elegance of Bramosia 2021 Chianti Classico, a distinguished wine from Tuscany. Savour the vibrant notes of cherry, raspberry, and a hint of violet, perfectly paired with the mellow tones of our jazz playlist.

Experience the harmony of exquisite music and fine wine. Don't miss out!**


Show Two: 🎶 Play Music Drink Wine [Jazz Series Part 2 of 3] 🍷

🗓 Date: Saturday Afternoon, July 13, 2024  

🕝 Time: 2:30-4:30 pm EST  

🌐 Location: Online  

🎷 Genre: Jazz Music  

🍇 Featured Wine: Bramosia 2021 Chianti Classico (Part 2)  

Wrap up your week with a perfect Saturday afternoon escape! Join us for "Play Music Drink Wine" – the ideal way to relax after the corporate rat race.

Immerse yourself in continuing our jazz journey, paired with the distinguished Bramosia 2021 Chianti Classico. This exceptional Tuscan wine, with its harmonious blend of Sangiovese grapes, vibrant cherry and raspberry notes, and a hint of violet, is the perfect companion to the smooth sounds of jazz.

Spend your Saturday afternoon in style with great music and exquisite wine. See you there!


Show Three: 🎵 Beans-&-Beats Sunday [Jazz Series Part 3 of 3] ☕️

🗓 Date: Sunday Morning, July 14, 2024  

🕘 Time: 9 am - Noon EST  

🌐 Location: Online  

🎷 Genre: Jazz Music  

☕️ Beverage: Caffe Verona Beans Homebrewed Latte  

Kickstart your Sunday with the perfect blend of smooth jazz and a rich, homebrewed latte. Join us for "Beans-&-Beats Sunday" and enjoy a delightful morning of music and coffee.

Immerse yourself in the continuation of our jazz series, perfectly paired with the bold and roasty flavours of Caffe Verona. This homebrewed latte will complement the soulful tunes, making your Sunday morning memorable.

Take advantage of this perfect Sunday morning ritual. See you online!


📽️ Livestream Links:

Your source for smooth jazz festivals! 

Don’t forget to share this exciting weekend lineup with your friends, colleagues, and family! Let’s make this a weekend to remember!

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