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Love Music Love Wine Radio: Where Music and Wine Unite in Perfect Harmony

Music, Wine, Coffee the perfect start and end
Love Music Love Wine Radio: Where Music and Wine Unite in Perfect Harmony

Have you ever wondered what the perfect soundtrack to your wine-sipping evening should be? Or have you found yourself tapping your feet to a catchy tune and thought, "This would go great with a glass of fine wine!" Look no further because Love Music Love Wine Movement (LmLw Radio) has your back. This unique sensory experience, born out of a moment of pure inspiration by Mr. Love Music Love Wine Dre, is here to elevate your love for music and wine to a whole new level. We've added coffee to the mix, making it a sensory journey you won't want to miss!

**A Unique Concept is Born**

In 2018, Dre combined his love of vinyl and Pinot Noir, and the rest, as they say, was history. From that day on, Love Music Love Wine has been dedicated to bringing you the perfect pairing of music and wine. And now, with coffee in the mix, our sensory journey only gets better. Join us on this unique and memorable experience today. After all, it's not just wine; it's a lifestyle.

**Our Incredible Lineup of Shows**

With a broadcasting schedule that's as dynamic as our wine selection, we strive to keep your weeks exciting and entertaining. We broadcast at least twice a week, but we'll surprise you with three fantastic shows some weeks. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

**1. PLAY music DRINK wine:** A sensational Saturday soirée where you can groove to infectious instrumental beats and savour the moment with a glass of exquisite wine.

**2. Beans and Beats:** Your Sunday morning got much better with Gospel Vocal House beats and a delightful Caffe Verona Dark Roast.

**3. GET Funked:** Let's get funky and soulful with music and wine that will make you want to dance the night away.

**4. It's A Jazz Thing:** An exploration of the smoothest jazz tunes paired with wines that complement their rich melodies.

**5. DEEP Listening:** When you're in the mood for something introspective and contemplative, join us for deep listening sessions.

**6. Retro Soul (coming soon):** We're constantly upping our game with new shows, and Retro Soul is the next big thing we're bringing to your screens. Stay tuned for this exciting addition!

All our shows are hosted by the charismatic Mr. Love Music Love Wine Dre, a name you'll soon find synonymous with your love for music and wine.

**A World of Music and Wine**

During our shows, we transport you across the globe as we pair music from various cultures with wines from around the world. It's a journey that will not only tantalize your taste buds but also satisfy your soul.

And remember about Beans & Beats, where we take a detour from wine to explore the world of coffee. As we play music from around the world, you'll taste coffee from different regions, creating an international coffee experience like no other.

**Join Us on Our Musical and Vinous Adventures**

In the coming weeks, we're bringing you an even more exciting lineup of shows. Dre will showcase and interview musicians, winemakers, wine agents, and more. But even more thrilling is that we'll broadcast live on location from the wine club and other intriguing spots. It will be a journey that takes you beyond the screen and into the heart of music, wine, and culture.

To stay in the loop with our weekly schedule and broadcast URLs/links, visit us online at It's your ticket to this unforgettable experience!

So, mark your calendars for our following two shows:

**🎶🍷 PLAY music DRINK wine 🍷 - Saturday, October 14, 2023, 1 pm EST**

Get ready for a sensational Saturday soirée with Dre, where you can groove to the Funk with our infectious instrumental beats. Don't forget to savour the moment with a glass of the exquisite Pio Cesare 2020 Nebbiolo. It's a date you won't want to miss! #PlayMusicDrinkWine

**Beans & Beats Sunday - Sunday Morning, October 15, 2023, 9 am EST**

Rise and shine with your favourite mug as we return Beans & Beats Sunday. Slip into bliss with Caffe Verona Dark Roast and groove to the Gospel Vocal House beats. It's a Sunday morning that'll have you dancing on clouds and sipping on dreams. #BeansAndBeatsSunday

Don't just wake up; wake up in style with Beans & Beats Sunday! So, spread the word, grab your headphones, and create musical magic together. It's a sensory experience like no other. Join us and be part of the #LoveMusicLoveWine journey. 🚀🍷🎶

Music, Wine & Coffee Unite!


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