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Tune into the Groove: It's A Jazz Thing & Beans & Beats on Love Music Love Wine Radio!

For Immediate Release

March 14, 2024

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Prepare to jazz up your weekends with Love Music Love Wine Radio! Our upcoming online live-stream radio shows, It's A Jazz Thing - Saturday Night Live and Beans & Beats Sunday Morning Live, are set to take the airwaves by storm. Combining great music, captivating conversations, and a dash of humour, these shows are designed to resonate with both jazz aficionados and classic rock enthusiasts. Plus, there's coffee!

EP15-2024: It's A Jazz Thing - Saturday Night Live (March 16, 2024)

Imagine lounging in your favourite armchair, a glass of wine in hand, as you're whisked away on a melodious journey through the heart of jazz. "It's A Jazz Thing" promises an evening brimming with sultry saxophones, smooth pianos, and a lineup of tunes that span the spectrum of this timeless genre. Hosted by the ever-charismatic Dre, it's more than a show; it's an experience. Let the magic of jazz envelop you from the comfort of your home.

EP16-2024 Beans & Beats Sunday Morning Live (March 17, 2024)

Who says Sunday mornings can't rock? Wake up and smell the coffee with "Beans & Beats." This show merges the pulse of classic rock with the comfort of your morning cuppa. It's not just a radio show; it's a Sunday morning ritual. Dre returns to guide listeners through an energizing and nostalgic playlist complemented by fun, music-infused discussions about everyone's favourite brew.

Both shows will be streaming live, offering a unique interactive experience where listeners can engage, request songs, and even share their coffee or wine pairings! 

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About Love Music Love Wine Radio:

Love Music Love Wine Radio is an online streaming platform that delivers the best in music and conversation. With a focus on diversity, quality, and community, we aim to create moments that resonate with our listeners, one tune at a time.


Name: Andre Herbert (aka Dre)


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