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10 Must-Hear Songs/Albums of April 2023 New Music Releases!

April 2023 New Music Releases
April 2023 New Music Releases

Are you ready to update your music library with some fresh and exciting tunes? Look no further than April's 2023 new music releases! From the soulful pop of Jessie Ware to the dark and experimental rock of Wednesday, this list has something for everyone. Plus, with Metallica's epic four-disc, 72-song album and Patrick Wolf's personal and poetic EP, you'll be sure to find some new favorites to add to your playlist. And let's not forget about Blondshell - the British pop duo who are sure to get you dancing with their catchy tunes and sassy lyrics. So go ahead, give these albums a listen and let us know which one you can't stop playing on repeat!

1. Blondshell: Blondshell

This self-titled debut album from the British pop duo Blondshell is a blast of fun and energy. The songs are catchy, upbeat and full of sass and attitude. Blondshell combines elements of pop, rock, disco and electro to create a unique sound that makes you want to dance and sing along. Some of the highlights are "Sugar Rush'', "Bad Girl" and "Blonde Ambition".

2. Jessie Ware: That! Feels Good!

Jessie Ware is back with her fifth studio album, That! Feels Good!, and it's a masterpiece of soulful and sophisticated pop. Jessie's voice is smooth and powerful, delivering emotional and sensual lyrics over lush and groovy production. The album explores themes of love, desire, happiness and empowerment, with songs like "Ooh La La", "Remember Where You Are" and "Please".

3. Wednesday: Rat Saw God

Rat Saw God is the third album from the indie rock band Wednesday, and it's a stunning display of their musical talent and creativity. The album is a concept album that tells a story of a dystopian future where humans are enslaved by rats. The songs are dark, atmospheric and experimental, blending rock, folk, punk and noise. Some of the standout tracks are "Rat King", "The Maze" and "Escape".

4. Daniel Caesar: NEVER ENOUGH

NEVER ENOUGH is the fourth album from the Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caesar, and it's a beautiful and soulful collection of songs that showcase his vocal range and versatility. The album is a mix of slow jams, ballads and upbeat tunes, featuring collaborations with artists like SZA, Frank Ocean and H.E.R. Some of the best songs are "Too Deep", "Hold Me Down" and "All I Need".

5. Metallica: 72 Seasons

72 Seasons is the 12th studio album from the legendary metal band Metallica, and it's an epic and ambitious project that spans four discs and 72 songs. The album is divided into four parts, each representing a season of the year and a different musical style. The album features elements of thrash, heavy, progressive, alternative and symphonic metal, as well as guest appearances from artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Grohl and Elton John. Some of the highlights are "Enter Sandman 2", "Master of Seasons" and "Nothing Else Matters 2023".

6. Indigo De Souza: All of This Will End

All of This Will End is the second album from the indie pop singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza, and it's a heartfelt and honest reflection on her life and relationships. The songs are catchy, melodic and relatable, with lyrics that express her feelings of joy, sadness, anger and hope. The album has a lo-fi and DIY aesthetic, with instruments like guitar, piano, synth and drums. Some of the best tracks are "Hold U", "Real Pain" and "Die/Cry".

7. Joy Oladokun: Proof of Life

Proof of Life is the debut album from the Nigerian-American folk singer Joy Oladokun, and it's a powerful and inspiring work of art that celebrates her identity and culture. The songs are acoustic, soulful and poetic, with lyrics that touch on topics like racism, sexism, homophobia and mental health. Joy's voice is warm and expressive, conveying her emotions with grace and strength. Some of the standout songs are "Breathe Again", "Sunday" and "If You Got A Problem".

8. Kara Jackson: Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love

Kara Jackson is a poet and singer from Chicago who has a smooth and soothing voice. Her album Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love is a poetic masterpiece that showcases her lyrical skills and musical talent. Her songs are full of poetry and melody, with lyrics that are moving and meaningful. Some of my favorite tracks are "Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love", "Lullaby For The End Of The World" and "Honey".

9. Patrick Wolf: The Night Safari

Patrick Wolf is back with a new EP that showcases his musical versatility and personal growth. The Night Safari is a collection of five songs that explore different aspects of Wolf's life, from his struggles with addiction and depression to his rediscovery of joy and hope. The EP features a variety of instruments and styles, from piano ballads to electronic beats, but always with Wolf's distinctive voice and poetic lyrics. The Night Safari is a testament to Wolf's resilience and creativity.

10. Blondshell: Blondshell

This self-titled debut album from the British trio Blondshell is a blast of fresh air in the pop scene. The songs are catchy, fun, and full of attitude, with influences ranging from Blondie to Charli XCX. The lead single "Blondshell" is a cheeky anthem for all the blondes out there who don't care what anyone thinks of them. If you're looking for some upbeat and empowering pop music, check out Blondshell.

That’s it for the top 10 music releases for April 2023. Which album are you most excited to listen to? Let us know in the comments below!

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