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Play Music Drink Wine: A Caribbean-Italian Fusion Experience You Won't Forget!

If you love music and wine, you won't want to miss the replay of our latest livestream event: Play Music Drink Wine [WINE Streaming]. It was a fun-filled afternoon of funky tunes, delicious wines, and Caribbean bites. Here's a recap of what happened and how to watch it again.

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, we hosted our livestream event from the wine-club Vintage Conservatory. The theme was to pair music (funk, soul, soca, reggae and soulful house) with wines from Italy and Caribbean Dishes (bites). We had a blast exploring the flavours and aromas of different wines and dishes and enjoying the music that complemented them.

We were joined by two special guests: Beverly Crandon, a certified sommelier who runs Spice into Spring (, and Eric Persi from Bacco Fine Wines ( They shared their expertise and insights on how to pair wine with food and appreciated each wine's nuances.

Our show host Dre was the MC, playing tunes and keeping the vibe upbeat. He took us on a musical journey that matched the mood and taste of each wine and food pairing.

We paired the wines with these Caribbean Dishes:

  • Prosecco Brut-Cantina Bartolomeo Breganze: A crisp and refreshing sparkling wine that went well with fried plantains.

  • Friulana-Cozzarolo: A light, fruity white wine that pairs nicely with jerk chicken and cheese rolls.

  • Fiano "Sannio"-Cantina Di Solopaca: A medium-bodied and aromatic white wine that complemented jerk pork and cheese straws.

  • Langhe Nebbiolo-Ridaroca: A dry, elegant red wine that suited patties and pholourie.

  • Dolcetto D'Alba Superiore-Diego Pressenda: A smooth and fruity red wine harmonizing with Guyanese-style blackeye peas cook-up rice.

  • Barolo Barbadelchi-Diego Pressenda: A full-bodied and complex red wine that enhances the flavour of all the Caribbean bites' deliciousness.

We invited a few guests to join us in person to experience the pairing of Caribbean bites with Italian wines and the music to complement the two. They enjoyed sampling the food and wine, chatting with our guests, and moving to the beats.

The show was live-streamed on Mixcloud and Twitch; you can listen to the show (audio-only) anytime on Mixcloud. We will share a link to the show on our website,, very soon.

We want to thank Vintage Conservatory for allowing us to host our live-stream event at their beautiful venue. It was the perfect setting for the show once again; thank you.

We also want to thank you for tuning in and supporting our show. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Stay tuned for more exciting events coming soon. Until then, keep playing music and drinking wine!

A special shoutout goes out to;

  • Beverly Crandon certified SOMM, please support her upcoming festival, Spring into Spice Saturday, June 2023. For more information, visit

  • Eric Persi and Katrina from Bacco Imports please contact them for all your Italian Fine Wine needs.

Love Music Love Wine

Here is the link to the livestream

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Here is the URL link to the livestream recoding

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